Mudia welcomes you.

The Mudia is on vacation! Reopening on 02/26.

Faire bouger les oeuvres

Art museum in Redu !

A New Perspective on Art

With family or friends, travel through 7 centuries of emotions in a brand new museum feature.  True to its motto “a new perspective on art”, Mudia presents more than 300 original works of art in a very attractive, simple and playful manner (1.000 square meters on 4 floors)! The little girl « Mudia » in the audioguide dares to ask all her questions to a guide that answers in a straightforward manner.

More than 60different and amusing attractions for all await you in each of the 20 rooms!

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Can't miss attractions!

In Mudia, every room has one or more funny and interactive attractions. It’s impossible to get bored as everything is made to have fun ! How about playing with a slot machine and discovering the most expensive art works in the world ; Create your own impressionistic art piece on a screen ; Get goose bumps of looking at a mysterious egg or become a model for an interactive painting. And many more attractions await you in Mudia.

An attraction specially created for Mudia

Who would have thought that Jerome Bosch’s monsters could come alive ?
It’s all in your hand. Just touch them !
Many more surprises await you…

The stream of art

The little girl Mudia suddenly falls into a painting. This will bring her on a breathtaking adventure along the stream of art. Especially created for the Mudia, this unique animation movie can be watched on a large screen.

Come and watch the continuation in the museum.
Film 3D: Le grand fleuve de l'art

Travel through 7 ages of art : a challenge for the whole family !Everyone at their own pace and in their own time. Play and have fun, it’s finally possible in Mudia !

To grab a bite


Home-made meals ! 



At the Mudia Café, you will be able to rest from your visit while enjoying home-made meals.  Relax in a comfortable and welcoming environment. The walls are covered with art books you can read. Prolong your experience with enchanting and restful reading.  Large outdoor terrace with superb view!

High quality snacks and menu of the day

Opening times : saturday and Sunday from  10 to 18
7 on 7, from 10 AM to 6 PM during the Belgian school holidays